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Bonus Blog: What Separates ASMC Industrial From the Competition Part II:

Posted by Michael on 2nd Apr 2019

Continuing on with Part II from Friday's bonus blog post where we address the question, "What separates ASMC Industrial from the competition?"  

Price Breaks for Reasonable Quantities- Let's say you are looking at one of our competitors for 37 pieces of the previous post's mentioned hot dip galvanized square head bolt.

  • On our competitor’s website, you aren't able to select the specific amount you are actually looking for. Your options are to either by 37 pieces at the highest price point per piece or order two 25 packs (which means you have 13 more than you need) and also at a higher price point.  With ASMC, depending on pack quantity and minimum order, we offer reasonable price breaks at different quantity increments.

Dedicated Customer Service- Where with others, you might wait on hold to talk to someone in the customer service department, with ASMC, when you call our sales/customer service department, you will get someone right away who will help with whatever fastener needs that you may have.

We hope this helps show why ASMC Industrial should be your go-to-source when it comes to your fastener needs.