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ASMC Question of the Week: How Do I Figure Out When My Order Will Ship/Arrive?

Posted by Michael on 25th Oct 2022

Today begins a weekly series of the most common questions we get here as ASMC Industrial.  

As is with all e-commerce orders, customers are always wanting to know when and how fast they can receive their order.   With companies like Amazon offering Prime members same day/next day delivery, we at ASMC want to be transparent as to how our order processing/shipment workflow is designed to give our customers the most helpful information possible.

The first thing to look at when viewing an item you want to purchase is the AVAILABILITY line on the product detail page.  An example is below:

What this means is, if you were to order the product today, we would plan to ship the order out to you in 2-3 business days.  This does NOT mean you will receive the parts in 2-3 business days, that is simply the timeframe for us to order the parts/receive them into our warehouse, and ship them out to you via the appropriate method selected at checkout. 

From the time the parts are received in our warehouse, our system then generates the best way based upon the weight of the product and the customer's address to ship the parts out.  If you choose the free standard shipping service, the timeframe we tell everyone is that you will receive your parts within 2-10 business days once the parts ship.   We do offer expedited freight options at checkout (including billing the customer's UPS account number freight collect).   If you have a deadline that needs to be met that you need parts by, please contact our sales team so we can help meet your deadline in the most efficient way possible.   The example below is not the cost for EVERY item it is just an example of one out of the sixty thousand SKU's we have.

As always, please feel free to contact ASMC directly with any questions via:

Phone: 888-660-0334

Email: sales@asmc.net

We also have a LIVECHAT during the hours of 8:00-4:30 PM M-F.