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Ask ASMC Weekly Mailbag: Week of September 23rd

Posted by Michael on 23rd Sep 2019

Happy first day of Fall to everyone.  It seems like only yesterday we began 2019 and here we are just three short months away from 2020.  Let's get on to today's mailbag:

Todd asks: I placed an order on the website earlier today, however, I wanted to know if I can substitute one item for another if the quantities are the same?  Are you able to make this change for me?

Great question Todd.  In many cases, we are unable to make a direct substitution on an order unless the item we are substituting out is the same quantity and also price as the original item ordered.  If that is not the case (which happens in 99% of cases), the order needs to be cancelled, money refunded, and you will need to re-order the parts.

Monica asks: I have an item I am looking at where I am ordering more than the minimum quantity, however, it seems this items is only sold in increments of 32.  I wanted to get a quote on 50 pieces.  Does this mean you cannot quote this item for me?

That is correct Monica.  Items sold in full cartons or bulk quantities, are only available in the quantity increments set forth on the item detail page.  We cannot break full cartons to quote for a customer.

Brian asks: How long does it take for a refund to be sent back to me once an item is returned?

We will process your credit within 5 days of receiving the return.  It may take up to an additional 5 business days for your credit card issuer or bank to credit your account.