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Ask ASMC Weekly Mailbag: Week of October 7th

Posted by Michael on 7th Oct 2019

And just like that we have reached the cool fall winter months at least here in the Midwest. 

Though the seasons might change, we here at ASMC Industrial are as busy as ever.  And we have you the customers to thank for that. 

Did you see we just added a new item to the catalog?  Introducing ASMC Industrial thread gauges.

They are now available for purchase on the website and are also included in this month's newsletter. 

And now onto this week's mailbag. 

Andy asks: Where can I view this month's newsletter?  And can you tell me what the details are?

Thanks for the question Andy.  This month's newsletter is promoting our brand new thread gauges as seen above.  If you spend at least $100 and use the promo code: GAUGE100, you will not only get 10% off your order, but you will also receive a free gauge set. 

Paulina asks: I see on your website sometimes there are pictures of both partially threaded and fully threaded bolts.  How can I tell if the parts that I am purchasing are partially or fully threaded?

Great question Paulina. Most of the time in the description of product, you will see either a (PT) or (FT) designation.  Those abbreviations stand for PT- partial thread and FT-full thread.  You can also see in the product specs table under the thread coverage line.  If that information isn't there for no reason, please feel free to contact us via email ( or phone (888-660-0334).