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Ask ASMC Weekly Mailbag: Week of November 18th

Posted by Michael on 18th Nov 2019

John asks: I had an order that I already received tracking for and the item is in en-route to me.  The problem is I need to cancel the order.  Can I do that now?  Or do I need to wait for the item to arrive to me and then open a return request?

Great question John.  If an item is in a shipped status and already en-route, we cannot halt the delivery and have it returned to us.  You would need to wait for the order to be delivered to you and then either open a return request on the website, or you can contact the sales team ( or 888-660-0334.  Please note that for returns that are not the fault of ASMC, you will be subject to a restocking fee and also responsible for shipping the item back to us at your expense.

Jack asks: I am on your website ordering an item with a small quantity and when I check on the cost of expedited shipping, it is almost the cost of the item itself.  Is that right?

Hi Jack.  A lot of factors determine shipping costs.  For instance, the delivery location is one of the most important factors outside of the weight of the product.  If you are located outside of a large residential area (out in the woods for example), the freight is going to be more expensive than if you were in a big city.  One of the things you can always do in cases like this, is if you get better rates with your freight account, we can ship your order to you on that instead of having you pay the rates on the website.  You can do this by entering in the freight account number at checkout and choose the will call pickup option.  Any questions or if you need help with this, please contact the sales team.