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Ask ASMC Weekly Mailbag: Week of May 18th

Posted by Michael on 19th May 2020

Kevin asks: Do you offer samples on your product?  One item has a 10,000 piece minimum and before ordering, I wanted to see if what I would receive is actually what I need to finish my project.

Great question Kevin.  We are able to offer samples for most items.  In order to proceed with a sample request, we need a UPS account number to cover the freight.  Please make sure to supply that to the sales representative.

Mark asks: Are you able to send me an invoice so I can send it over to my accounting team to make payment on an item?

Thank you Mark.  We can certainly send over items as a quote and upon receiving payment, send you an order acknowledgement once the order is placed.  Upon shipment, you will receive a copy of the invoice then.

Rikki asks: Do you have any promotions that I can put towards my next purchase?

Hi Rikki.  The May newsletter will be released this Friday and the sale will run from May 22nd-May 29th.