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ASK ASMC Weekly Mailbag- Week of March 4th

Posted by Michael on 4th Mar 2019

Hannah says: I was looking at your website and for a certain part, I need the matching nuts and washers.  Do you by chance sell items in kits (with everything included)?

Hi Hannah. As of this point, we do not sell kits of product.  Everything would need to be bought separately.  If you need assistance in purchasing the appropriate nuts and washers, please feel free to contact us via phone, email or livechat and one of our sales reps can assist. 

Thomas says: I'm looking for a specific screw for my application.  I'm not sure exactly what the dimensions are but can I send in a picture of it if that would help.  Would that be possible?

Of course.  Please send the picture to our sales email address:  Make sure to include your name, shipping address, and quantities you are looking for and we can do our best to assist. 

Kendry asks: I need to know if one of your part numbers is RoHS and REACH compliant.  Is there someone on the website where I can find that information?

We are currently undergoing a huge project updating all applicable specifications on the product page website.  At this time, we do not have that information on the product page.  But that is something that we can easily supply you with the information with if needed.  Please note, while we can tell you if a product will be REACH or RoHS compliant, REACH/RoHS certs are only available after the item has been purchased.

James asks: I am located outside of the US but want to order one of your products.  Am I able to have it shipped to another location within the US if I provide the shipping address?

Yes of course.  As long as the billing zip code matches the credit card, you can update the shipping address and have the item shipped accordingly.