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Ask ASMC Weekly Mailbag: Week Of July 6th

Posted by Michael on 6th Jul 2020

And just like that, the year is already half over. 

From everyone here at ASMC Industrial, we want to thank everyone for sticking with us as we've all gotten accustomed to a new sense of normal when it comes to the pandemic.  Thanks to you our customers, we have continued to remain open and ship orders on time.

Ivan asks: I see an item on your website with a minimum order quantity of 5000 pieces.  I only need 500.  Is there any way you can sell me less than the MOQ?  Or if not, can you refer me to a distributor who can?

Thanks for your question Ivan.  We are unable to break full cartons and sell anything less than the MOQ.  As for finding another distributor who might be able to sell you less than what we offer, we are a distributor so we wouldn't know where to turn for help on that.

Javier asks: Can you tell me what it means if a part has left handed thread?  I've never heard of this before.

Hi Javier.  It means the threads run counterclockwise.

James asks: I wanted to see if I could purchase one sample before placing an order.  I have a project that requires 100 wood screws for the year and before I spend $15.85 I wanted to make sure that this is the right part. 

Hi James.  Normally samples are not a problem as long as you have a UPS account for us to bill the freight.  But with your annual usage being 100 pieces total, we are unable to supply a sample for this.