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Ask ASMC Weekly Mailbag: Week of January 6th

Posted by Michael on 6th Jan 2020

On behalf of everyone here at ASMC Industrial, we wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful 2019 and a prosperous 2020.

The blog has had a few weeks off but returns today.  Let's get onto it:

Gil asks: I'm over in Switzerland and I was inquiring about shipping costs.  It seems a lot higher than what I am normally charged by other suppliers.  Why is your shipping cost so high?

Thanks for your question Gil.  Our system calculate shipping costs based upon certain factors like weight/dimensions of product/type of shipping/etc.  If you find that our pricing is too high, if you have a freight forwarder, you can certainly set that up and have the product picked up at our office.

Nick asks: I purchased one of your products back in October (never been used) and I need a bigger size.  What can I do to return the parts and order the correct ones.

Hi Nick.  Unfortunately, all of our orders have a 30 day return window from date of purchase.  With your order being back in October it would be outside of the return policy.  You can find a copy of the policy by clicking on the following link.

Winston asks: How long are your quotes good for?  

All quotes are good 10 days from date of quote.