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ASK ASMC Weekly Mailbag- Week of February 25th

Posted by Michael on 25th Feb 2019

Jumping right back into the mailbag after a very busy weekend. 

Ali asks: I'm considering purchasing some of your M10x55M Hex cap screws.  My question is, are the bolt heads smooth and without any markings?

Thanks Ali for your question.  All of our graded bolts will have markings.  Those are actually part of the product specifications.

Norm asks: I need a copy of a previous invoice.  How would I go about getting that?

Please send an email to with your order number and we can gladly email out a copy of your invoice. 

Tom asks: I am looking for a custom part to be manufactured.  There are very specific measurements and tolerances that need to be followed.  Can you guys help me order these?

Yes we can Tom.  Please feel free to email a CAD drawing or a product specs sheet to:  From there, we can send it out to our suppliers and see what lead time and price it will take to manufacturer the product.  Please keep in mind that for most custom jobs, there will be significant minimum order quantities.  So if you are only looking for a few it will not be worth it for us to quote.  Also note, that for many of these, the lead times will be several weeks to months.  Make sure you can handle that lead time before the custom part is delivered.