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Ask ASMC Weekly Mailbag: Week of September 16th

Posted by Michael on 15th Sep 2019

Richard asks: I recently made a purchase on your website, and I realized after receiving the parts, that I actually need them in the same finish, just 1/2'' longer than what I ordered.  Can I exchange them and send these back to you?

Hi Richard.  Please contact our sales team via phone (888-660-0334) or email ( to obtain an RMA number.  Parts need an RMA to be returned.  Also, please check our terms and conditions page so you are aware about restocking fees and return shipping.

Jeff asks: I'm looking at an item and I want to find out if the part is fully threaded or not.  How would I go about getting this information?

Great question Jeff.  For the most part, you will find that information in the product description on the item detail page.  The information will also be in the specifications table under "thread coverage."

Alejandro asks: How do I go about calculating estimated shipping costs on an item?  I need it here urgently tomorrow and I wanted to see if it would be cheaper to order thru you or use my UPS account.

After you have added an item to your cart and entered in the checkout process, when selecting the shipping method, you will be able to see the costs to expedite your order whichever selected way.  There's no way for us to compare it to your UPS rates because we are not pertinent to that information.  

Ivette asks: Can I make a payment by check over the phone for an order?

Hello Ivette.  Unfortunately we cannot accept a check over the phone for an order.