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Ask ASMC Weekly Mailbag: Week Of October 5th

Posted by Michael on 5th Oct 2020

Michael asks: I'm on your website and I chose the free standard shipping option.  However, when in the checkout process, it is now charging me shipping.  Can you please help?

Please make sure that you are located within the United States and also make sure that you have your state selected in the shipping address at checkout.  If there is no state selected, then the system does not know that you are eligible to select the free standard shipping. 

Tom asks: Last week, I purchased 100 pieces of a wood screw anchor on your website.  I just found out that I need 50 more. Anyway you could sell me 50 instead of 100?

I'm sorry nothing less than the minimum order quantity may be ordered on each item. You would need to purchase the 100 pieces. 

Gary asks: Can you please let me know what the cost of shipping of these bolts would be to my address?  I am located in Wynyard, Sask, Canada.

Shipping is automatically calculated at checkout for orders with expedited freight or orders located outside of the United States.   There is no set price for orders.