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Ask ASMC Weekly Mailbag: Week Of November 9th

Posted by Michael on 9th Nov 2020

Susan asks: I need to cancel an order because the shipping time does not work for me.  How do I go about doing that?

Please get in touch with our sales team ( or 888-660-0334.  Please keep in mind that if you do choose free standard shipping, we do offer expedited shipping options where orders can potentially go out same day if you are willing to either provide us with a UPS account number or we can quote freight and charge you the difference.

Josh asks: I just purchased an item from you and I need it to complete a project at home.  The availability line on the product page shows 2-3 business days.  Is there anyway I can order something and the order can go out today?

Please get in touch with our sales team ( or 888-660-0334.  This may require you purchasing a full carton of product and a freight account number to get parts out same day.  Every situation is unique and different and the best way to find out your options is to speak with the sales team.

Kyle asks: I am looking at a 5/8''-11x9 1/2 grade 8 hex cap screw in yellow zinc finish.  Can you please provide me with the thread length?

Approximately 1.75'' of thread.