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Ask ASMC Weekly Mailbag: Week Of November 2nd

Posted by Michael on 3rd Nov 2020

Janus asks: Has the November newsletter been released yet?

The November newsletter has not been released.  Look for it the week of November 9th.

Howard asks: Do you have a price sheet for plating parts?

The price for plating depends on what type of plating you need, lead time, and various other factors.  There is no specific sheet and everything is quoted on an as-need basis.  To inquire about having parts plated, please get in touch with the sales team ( or call 888-660-0334.

Alexis asks: Why are some of these bolts in the images full thread and some not? I need full thread.

Each item is different.  If the part is fully threaded, there will be a designation in the part description (FT).  (PT) indicates partial thread.  You can all find information in the specifications table on the product detail page.  Should that information not be listed, please get in touch with the sales team ( or 888-660-0334.