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Ask ASMC Weekly Mailbag: Week of May 4th

Posted by Michael on 4th May 2020

Happy first full week of May everyone.  And for you Star Wars fans, "may the 4th be with you."  A little attempt at humor as we continue sheltering in place.  

We here at ASMC Industrial wanted to thank everyone for their continued support these past few months.  It is because of great customers like you, that we are fortunate to continue to work during these unprecedented times.

Henry asks: I see on your website that you are listing 25 pieces of a specific item for $10.95.  Any way for you to give me a lower price?

Thanks for your question Henry.  Unfortunately, the prices on our website (especially those with low minimums like this), we cannot offer a lower price.  Please keep in mind as well that the prices include free standard shipping.  

Greta asks: I made a mistake on one of my orders and put the wrong shipping address.  I received an email that my order had shipped, however, it seems to not be en-route to me yet.  Is there anyway to stop this order from shipping beforehand and changing the ship address?

Hi Greta.  In cases like this, please get in touch with our sales team right away (888-660-0334).  Sometimes when an order shows as shipped with a tracking number, there is a chance that the post office/UPS hasn't picked up from our warehouse yet and we can still pull the order.  That is the reason when you get your order acknowledgement right after purchasing, that we be told first thing if any changes need to be made.

Will asks: Hi. Will screws with a thermal black oxide coating rust? 

Yes Will, black oxide screws will rust.