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ASK ASMC Weekly Mailbag- Week of May 27th

Posted by Michael on 30th May 2019

Apologies for posting this a few days late. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.

We here at ASMC are busier than ever with record setting sales for the past 5 months.  And that is all due to you the customers.  So from all of us, thank you.

On to this week's mailbag:

Brian asks: I'd like to have an item shipped on my UPS account.  How do I select this option at checkout?

Thanks for your question Brian.  In order to have us bill your UPS account collect, please choose the "will call" option at checkout and in the text box, please enter in your UPS account number.  Then, we will be able to bill it appropriately. 

Aly asks: At checkout, how do I compare what is cheaper for an expedited shipping rate, my UPS account or the rates listed on your website?

Great question Aly.  Our best expedited shipping rates are found in the checkout.  Unfortunately, we are unable to tell you whether your UPS account would be a better rate than ours.  That is dependent on a lot of factors including: 

  • How many packages you ship per week
  • The weights of those said packages
  • Locations of where they are going

This is just a few of the many factors that go into UPS rates. 

Justin asks: Does your company buy fasteners?  I work for a company that is looking to sell off our inventory and was wondering if ASMC would be intersted in taking on any of our inventory?

Thanks for your question Justin.  If you have something that you'd like us to look at, please feel free to fill out the "Contact Us" email form with a list of items you have with quantities (normally attached as an excel file).  If there is any interest from our side, we will contact you directly.