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Ask ASMC Weekly Mailbag: Week Of March 29th

Posted by Michael on 30th Mar 2021

Robert asks: I placed an order for a quantity I originally wanted more of but you were out of stock.  Now that the order has been placed, I actually am having second thoughts and even though it's shipped, I wanted to see if it was too late to cancel my order?

Once an order has been shipped, it cannot be cancelled.  We do allow returns within 30 days of purchase.  Our full return policy can be found by clicking on the link: We accept returns within 30 days. Full return policy here:

Sandy asks: I submitted the "contact us" form looking to get a quote on some items.  Is there a different place I should be going to get quotes?

Please use the "request for quote" link at the top of the page.  You can also get to it by clicking here:  Please make sure to include the quantity that you need for every item. 

Janice asks: I placed in order in 2019 and I wanted to get a quote for the exact same parts and was hoping to pay the same price.  Is there somewhere I need to go to place the order?

You can place the order a few different ways.  If you have an account created online already, you can simply go through your order history and re-order the same items.  If you placed an order with one of our sales representatives, please give us a call (888-660-0334) and one of them will be glad to assist you.  Please note that due to material costs and other expenses, prices have gone up and you will pay more than you did back in 2019.