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Ask ASMC Weekly Mailbag: Week Of June 22nd.

Posted by Michael on 22nd Jun 2020

Dan asks: I accidentally ordered the wrong length bolts.  Are you able to substitute them out for the ones I actually want without me paying more?  Or would the order need to be cancelled and re-ordered?

Thanks for your question Dan.  Unless the substitute item is exactly the same price, we won't be able to do a straight swap.  Most of the time what we'd end up doing is cancelling your order, refunding your money and then having you re-order the parts you actually need.  Sometimes, we can make exceptions where we can just charge your card the difference in the price.  The best way to get the issue handled right away is to call and speak with one of our sales representatives between 8:00 AM-5:00 PM CST.  

Will asks: Will you be open July 3rd?

No we will be closed on July 3rd in observance of the July 4th holiday.  If you need parts to arrive before then, please get in touch with our sales team and they can assist in making sure you get your order before the long holiday weekend.

Donald asks: I was having issues finding certain parts on your website.  Do you offer another way to contact you outside of calling in?  I'm hard of hearing and I find it easier to type.

Great question Donald.  We do offer a LIVECHAT option between the hours of 8:00 AM-5:00 PM.  To chat, please click on the bubble icon in the lower right hand corner of the webpage.  A chat box will open up and you can speak with someone that way.