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Ask ASMC Weekly Mailbag: Week of June 1st

Posted by Michael on 1st Jun 2020

Dan asks: I was wondering if you had alternative payment methods you accept other than credit card.  My card was stolen and I am currently waiting for the bank to issue me a new one but I need to order some parts and can't wait for my new card to arrive before purchasing.  Am I out of luck?

Thanks for the question Dan.  We do have alternative payment methods such as wire transfer, Paypal or you can send us a physical check.  Please note, in the case of the check, we would not ship out the parts until the check is received and the check clears.   Our PayPal email address to send payment to is:

Robert asks: I have a screw I am having a really hard time finding and I wanted to see if you carried it.  Can I mail it to you and you can tell me if it is something you have in stock?

Sure Robert.  Please send your sample to: ASMC Industrial.  19087 W. Casey Road.  Libertyville, IL 60048.

Tina asks:  I am looking at one of your domestic parts on your website.  Would you be able to provide NOTARIZED certs from the steel mill showing these are USA made and also NOTARIZED certs from your company stating the same thing?

Hello Tina.  We can certainly send you our C of C and the manufacturer's C of C as well.  But having notarized certs is not something that we have on file nor would we be able to provide.