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Ask ASMC Weekly Mailbag: Week Of July 13th

Posted by Michael on 13th Jul 2020

Mike asks: I was looking at one of your products online and I see here that is has 2-3 day lead time before it ships.  If I'm willing to pay for expedited freight, is there anyway I can get the parts out today? (urgently need them for a project).

Thanks for your question Mike.  The best way to answer your question is to call and speak with a member of the sales team directly.  With every item, each has a different pack quantity so we can't give you a definitive answer that will apply to every item we sell.  Sometimes, in order to get parts shipped same day, it might require you increasing your quantity to meet the bulk carton minimum.  Other times, it's as simple as having a freight account number on file to bill the expedited shipping to.  With every case being different depending on the item, please call and speak with a member of our sales staff (888-660-0334) or (

Emmanuel asks: You have an item on your site that I cannot get anywhere else.  However, I only need 50 pieces and the minimum order quantity is 4000.  Can you please make an exception for me?  I really need these parts to use in my church.

Sorry Emmanuel.  We cannot items sold in full cartons only.  You must purchase the minimum number of pieces.

Ari asks: Do you ship DHL?

Hello Ari.  We do not have DHL daily pickup so the only way we would be able to ship it, is for you to provide us with the airway bill and schedule the pickup out of our office.  We can provide weights and dimensions of the product once the order is placed and the item has been packaged in our warehouse.  Please select the "will call" option at checkout and enter in the applicable information.  Any questions, please contact the sales team (888-660-0334) or (