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Ask ASMC Weekly Mailbag: Week of January 27th

Posted by Michael on 27th Jan 2020

Vishnu asks: I'm looking at an item on your website as part of a larger project I have where I would need lot traceability and a certificate of conformance should something go wrong with the fasteners.  Are you able to provide me with that information once the order has been placed?

Great question Vishnu.  Yes, with all of our items sold, we are able to provide you with lot traceability and ASMC Industrial's C of C with no problem.  Simply call and speak with one of our sales representatives.

Eric asks: I just purchased from screws on your website (25 pieces), and I see that it will take approximately a week to arrive to me.  This is somewhat urgent, is there any way that it could be shipped sooner?  If not, I understand, I just wanted to see if you could help my company get out of a bind.   I'd rather not pay to expedite it if possible, just wanted to see if it could be shipped today?

Hi Eric.  With all orders, as mentioned in previous blogs, the most important thing to look at is the information located next to the "availability" line of the product page.  Where it says, 2-3 business days, that is how many days it will take us to ship the product to you.  In your case, with such a small quantity needed, the only way to expedite would be for you to increase to a full carton and pay the expedited freight.

Mike asks: I see on your website for an item I am looking at, that it has a 100 piece minimum.  Do you have a smaller quantity available?

Thanks Mike.  Unfortunately the lowest minimum quantity we are able to sell is what is located on the product page.  We are unable to sell any lower than that quantity.

Kristin asks: How long should we know if we have been approved for credit terms?

Great question Kristin.  Once we receive our signed credit application (most important thing we need), we will then reach out to your references.  Usual time frame for us to make a decision is 5 business days unless your references get back to us right away.  If you do want to check on the status of a credit application, please reach out to our sales team.