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Ask ASMC Weekly Mailbag: Week Of January 11th

Posted by Michael on 11th Jan 2021

Sharon asks: I see an item on your website that is sold in quantities of 400 pieces.  I need 10x that.  Am I able to get a lower price than what is listed on the website for that type of quantity?

Please get in touch with our sales department ( or 888-660-0334.  We can discuss any and all options with you at that time. 

Joe asks: How do I tell if an item is domestically made in the US or not on the website?

All domestic products can be found here.  The different in the product description between domestic and import products are that domestic products will have "USA" in the description. 

Bryan asks: I was having trouble finding some items on the website.   For example, I am looking for 0.375in - 16 Thread - 5in Long - Carriage Bolt.  Can you help me out?

We list all inch-sized items in fractional inches as is industry norm.  So you would be looking for a 3/8-16x5 carriage bolt.  Hopefully that helps clear up any confusion.