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Ask ASMC Weekly Mailbag: Week of December 9th

Posted by Michael on 9th Dec 2019

Dan asks: I'm looking to purchase one of your items on your website, and I would need some samples for a prototype that I am working on.  Should the samples work, we could be looking at buying 200 more pieces per year in the future.  Would you be willing to send me a few samples for free?

Hi Dan.  Thanks so much for question.  For all sample requests, we would need a UPS account number because you are responsible for covering the freight to get the samples to you.  However, in cases where the EAU (estimated annual usage) is that low, we are unable to provide samples.  You would need to buy the minimum order quantity from the website.

Alyssa asks: I ordered one of your items with the free standard shipping and was wondering if you could tell me when I should expect to receive it?

Hi Alyssa.  When inquiring about shipping, for all orders with free standard shipping, the time-frame for delivery is between 2-10 business days.  That doesn't mean necessarily that the order will take 2+ weeks to get to you, that is our allowed time-frame.  Once your order does ship, you will receive a tracking number that you can then follow and see when the estimated delivery date will be for your order to arrive.

Dennis asks: Do you have a distributor in the NC area where I can buy your product?  I need a small quantity of screws (25) where the minimum on your website is 25 pieces and was wondering if I could go pick them up from one of your suppliers?

Hi Dennis.  We do not actually have distributors of our product because we are a fastener distributor ourselves.  We do have our suppliers that we can ship product from located across the country, however, depending on quantity of items that you are looking for, the best thing you might have to do is order them from our website and pay for expedited shipping options.  Please feel free to give our sales team a call (888-660-0334) to discuss your options.