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ASK ASMC Weekly Mailbag- Week of August 5th

Posted by Michael on 7th Aug 2019

Thomas asks: I have a part that I usually buy from McMaster-Carr or Fastenal and I wanted to see if you carry the same part but for a cheaper price.  Are you able to tell me if you carry it?

Thanks Thomas.  We can certainly check what you are buying elsewhere and then cross-reference it and see if it matches one of our parts.  The best way to do this would be to get in touch with us via phone (888-660-0334) or email (  If you can, please provide us with McMaster or Fastenal's part number so it will help us make sure that the specifications are the same.

Emily asks: I order something from your website yesterday, and now the job for which the parts were ordered for was cancelled.  Is it possible to cancel the order?

Hi Emily.  It depends on where in transit the parts are.  If the parts are still here in our warehouse, then we can cancel the order and refund your money.  However, if the parts already shipped and are en-route to you, there is nothing we can do once the order leaves the warehouse.  You are certainly free to return the parts, just note they are subject to a restocking fee and you are responsible to ship the parts back to us.

Brett asks: I am located in Mexico.  If I wanted to ship something to my freight forwarder in the United States, will there be any problems?

Great question Brett.  In terms of shipping parts to your freight forwarder, as long as they are in the United States it will not be a problem.  From that point you will need to work with them to get the parts to you. 

Doug asks: Can you sell me one bolt?

Hi Doug.  Unfortunately, each of our parts have order minimums.  Unless it is a very large heavy bolt, chances are we cannot sell you one piece.  Please refer to each individual product page to see what the minimum order would be.