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ASK ASMC Weekly Mailbag- Week of April 8th

Posted by Michael on 8th Apr 2019

After a two week break, we're back to the mailbag.  As always, if you ever have any questions you wanted answered, please feel free to email them over to:  You might find yourself in the next blog post.

Bostijan says: I am looking at one of your items on your website, and it shows that you have quantitiy discounts starting at 25 pieces.  I only need 10 pieces.  Does this mean that I am not able to order anything less than 25?  Is it possible for you to lower your minimum order quantity to accommodate my needs?  

The 25 piece order would be the minimum that we can sell to you.  We are unable to accommodate lower pack quantities than what is indicated on the individual product page.

Francisco asks: I'm looking at some wood screws, and I see the price is $10.71.  But I don't see for what quantity this is for.  Does that mean it is $10.71 for one screw?

Hello Francisco.  Located just above the price you are looking at (in this case, $10.71), it shows the number of pieces you will receive at that price.  So in the example you gave, the price is $10.71 for 25 pieces.

Rebecca asks: I wanted to place an order on the website and get the free shipping.  Is the price I see in the cart at checkout include the shipping?

Hi Rebecca.  That is correct.  The price you see in the cart at checkout includes the free standard shipping (provided that is the shipping method chosen at checkout).  Note, the only additional charge you might have added is if you live in the state of IL in which a tax of 7.5% will be added to your total.

Gustavo asks: I just placed an order on the website, and I see it hasn't shipped yet.  If I wanted to add onto the order, can I do so?  Or should I just place a separate order?

Depending on where an item is in the picking process, we may be able to add onto it and ship it all together.  Please give our sales team a call (888-660-0334) or email us at: